How to Disappear In A Digital World

Privacy, technology, crypto and tools you can use in your daily life to keep your right to privacy and security. PRIVACY IS A RIGHT AND A RIGHT THAT NEEDS TO BE PROTECTED BY THE PEOPLE.

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About Privacy X

We educate people on the process of creating a ghost lifestyle and how to disappear in a digital world.

01. Digital Ghost

Learn how to live an anonymous lifestyle. Use Web 3.0, blockchain and technology to disappear.

02. Physical Ghost

Protecting yourself and privacy everywhere you go.

03. Ghost Business

How to protect your business and privacy through advanced technology industry leading strategies and OSINT techniques.

04. Ghost Lifestyle

Erase your digital presence and anonymize your physical presence becoming a living ghost. Exist in the shadows. Live in the light.

Taking Back Privacy One Person At A Time


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What Privacy X is Currently Working On

Check out some of the current projects by Privacy X.

Step by Step Video Training For Ghost Businesses and Ghost Lifestyles

Learn how to disappear in a digital world both physically and digitally to become a ghost.


Make Your Home and Business Invisible

Learn how to become an off-grid ghost while maintaining a seemingly normal life.

Smart Phone & Computer Ghost Protocol

Learn how to get a completely anonymous smart phone or computer that's untraceable.

Erase Your Data From the Internet

Learn how to get your data and private information out of the tens of thousands of databases that sell your information in everything you do online. Learn how to master disinformation and misinformation.

Advanced Privacy & Personal Security Tools

Learn the tools of the trade that allow you to maintain a ghost lifestyle while still living as a member of society. The art of the gray man/woman meets the art of going ghost.


Step by Step Video Training
For Ghost Businesses & Ghost Lifestyles

Identifying Threats

Learn how to identify privacy and personal security threats to you and the people around you.

Testing Cyber Security

Closing gaps to make your life more secure through tried and true testing.

Assessing Personal Security

Finding risks that take away from living your most secure and private life.

Cyber Risk Assessment

Finding out what privacy risks exist and how to fix them.

Hiding Assets Legally

How to keep your personal assets like crypto, real estate, stocks and bonds, precious metals, etc. private secure and safe out of the jurisdiction of government overreach.

Invisible Cryptocurrency

How to make cryptocurrency truly private and anonymous.

Asset Protection

Use corporate laws and structures as a toolbox to keep your personal assets safe and private.

Become A Ghost Citizen

Master the art of existing in the shadows while living in the daylight.